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Courses designated N&M fulfill the natural and mathematical sciences distribution requirement. The following courses do not fulfill the requirement: A305, A320, A390, A451, A452, S499.

A100 The Solar System (3 cr.) N&M

Celestial sphere and constellations, measurement of time, astronomical instruments, earth as a planet, the moon, eclipses, planets and their satellites, comets, meteors, theories of the origin of the solar system. Credit not given for both A100 and A110. I Sem., SS.

A105 Stellar Astronomy (3 cr.) N&M

The sun as a star, physical properties of stars, principles of spectroscopy as applied to astronomy, double stars, variable stars, star cluster, gaseous nebulae, stellar motions and distribution, Milky Way system, external galaxies, expanding universe, cosmic time scale. Credit not given for both A105 and A110. II Sem., SS.

A110 Introduction to Astronomy (3 cr.) N&M

Earth as a planet, satellites, and comets. The sun. Properties of star, stellar systems. Extragalactic objects. The nature of the observable universe. Credit not given for both A100 and A110, nor for both A105 and A110. I Sem., II Sem., SS.

A115 Birth and Death of the Universe (3 cr.) N&M

Introduction to cosmology. Traces the ideas describing the origin and evolution of the Universe from ancient geocentric cosmologies to the Big Bang cosmology. Labs will concentrate on observational astronomy.

A201-A202 General Astronomy I-II (3-3 cr.) N&M

P: college algebra and trigonometry or high school equivalent. For physical science majors. Introduction to modern astronomy and astrophysics, including basic principles of mechanics, optics, and radiation. Topics include solar system, stars, interstellar matter, galaxies, cosmology, and observational astronomy from radio to gamma rays. A201, I Sem.; A202, II sem.

A305 Modern Observational Techniques (4 cr.) P: A201-A202, calculus, Physics P201-P202 or P221-P222, consent of instructor. Telescopes, astronomical photography, spectroscopic and photoelectric observations and reductions. I sem.

A320 Computational Problems in Astronomy(3 cr.)

P: A201-A202, Mathematics, M216, Physics P221-222. R: Computer Science C301 or equivalent FORTRAN programming experience. Problem-solving exercises in stellar astronomy, galaxies, and astronomical spectroscopy. Topics include orbital solutions of binary stars, structure of the Milky Way, and astronomical distance scales.

A390 Reading Course (cr. arr.)

P: A201, A202, consent of instructor. I Sem., II Sem., SS.

A451-A452 Introductory Astrophysics I-II (3-3 cr.)

P: calculus, Physics P301 or equivalent. Application of basic physical and chemical principles to investigation of sun, planetary system, stars, galaxies, and interstellar matter. A451, I Sem.; A452, II Sem.

S499 Honors Research (3-6 cr.)

P: consent of departmental honors committee. Students will carry out astronomical research closely supervised by a faculty member in the department. Students will write a research report during the second semester of their senior year.

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