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A100 -- Dan Swearingen Homework 5.
Due Tuesday, November 5 by the beginning of class

1. Explain WHY there is a distinct trend in the density and composition of the major planets.

2. How many bodies in the solar system are larger than 1000 km in diameter? Organize your list by major planet: Jupiter, Jupiter's moons, etc.

Questions for Review , page 225:

17. What is the evidence that Mars once had running water on its surface?

18. How do astronomers explain why the Earth's atmosphere ended up with so little CO2 compared with Mars and Venus?

Thought Questions, page 225:

4. What role might planetesimal impacts have played in the history of the terrestrial planets?

Questions for Review , page E5-10:

1. What is the earliest evidence for life on Earth?

2. How old are the earliest life forms thought to be?

3. What features of life [on Earth] are suggestive of a common origin?

4. What is meant by panspermia?

Questions for Thought , page E5-10:

1. (write a one to two page essay).

5. Use a method similar to the Drake equation to estimate the number of people getting a haircut at some given moment. That is, multiply the probabilities of each such event times the number of people in, for example, the United States. [modify as follows: how many people in Bloomington are getting a haircut ... ]

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