Pictures of an old boat, the MARIN

Updated 12/15/05

When I was younger I used to go climb on this little ship. Many years later (around 1982) I got a picture of it. Unfortunately, I only had a cheapo camera and the boat has since collaped.

I recently found the print (only 3x5 inches) and scanned it at 300 dpi optical. I thought she'd make a great model for a RR/Wharf scene so I thought I'd share it with you.

Several versions of the image:

212 Kb jpeg, 1418 x 988
80 Kb jpeg, 709 x 494

She had "MARIN" painted on her bow.

The main deck was very heavy construction: three layers of 1" or 2" planking at skewed angles with asphalt and fine gravel coating. There was no evidence of any forward bulwark. It looked like vehicles were driven on and off the foredeck and as far back as the area under the main cabin. The part of the main deck covered by the upper deck was open except for 3 or 4 posts up the middle supporting the the upper cabin. One of these can be seen directly under the front wall of the wheelhouse.

There were indications that two cylindrical tanks were mounted under the main deck on either side leaving room far a good size in-line gas/diesel engine mounted above the keel, towards the stern. There was only four feet of headroom in the hull between the frames and the deck beams under the main deck. I think she was built as a motor-boat (not converted from steam) since boilers usually had to be in the middle of the hull and there really wasn't head room on the MARIN below the main deck. There were the remains of hardware for a single screw and rudder.

No access remained to the upper deck. I would presume steep stair/ladders running forward from either side of the wheelhouse down to the main fore deck.

The wheelhouse was elevated about three feet above the upper deck level. No hardware remained. Inside, the wheelhouse had a large "shelf" across the after portion which was actually the roof of the Skipper's cabin. The upper cabin had a small captain's cabin forward that went full width. The remainder was undivided and had benches along the walls facing inwards.

The boat was pulled up about 100 feet from the water on the north shore of Bodega Bay, CA. The location at Mapquest (or other map website) may be found by entering the following location:
State: CA

Measurements: The yellow circle shows where I placed a story pole on the ship to aid in measuring it from the photo. It was painted white and black on the belt rail of the hull, just forward of directly below the front of the wheelhouse. It is marked in feet with the first and third feet white and the middle foot black. The middle foot also has six inches marked in alternate white/black patches (these are slightly below the resolution of the camera). I estimate the length to be about 60 feet, beam almost 20 feet.

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