Software and Systems Architecture and Construction
Making it Work!

Taking an idea and building a solution is my primary business.

Microsoft integration projects are my specialty.

Software Engineering and Architecture Design
Programming is solving puzzlesWe love cool hardware We're really smart

For many companies, software engineering is not the focus of their business and yet they find their future depends on adroit use of leading edge information technology. These are exactly the companies I can work with to provide applications programming and design resources including web centric functionality.

Engineering Department Design

I have years of experience being in, around, and in charge of engineering management. I can help you design and recruit an engineering team to build and maintain your products.

I've taken companies from bare walls to released product. I can do it for you.


I specialize in hybrid solutions built on Microsoft technologies along side corresponding Unix/Java platform products in accordance with what the customer is most comfortable with.

I am aware of the limits of each product and technology I use and can help you choose the best design opportunity to strengthen the deliverable and deliver better value to you and your customers.

I use the following technologies:
.NET Platform, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Windows 2003 Server

.NET Platform  Microsoft Technologies

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