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This site is my personal resource for Model and Prototype Railroading information on the Web as well as a place where I keep all my own railroad related content.

Somebody out there wanted me to be a model railroader. In the Noe Valley branch library near my childhood home in San Francisco, they kept the Model Railroaders in the children's department where I tripped over them in 1969, when I was eight years old. Then, there was this big club layout nearby: the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club (I'm now the webmaster). I've been hooked on trains and model trains ever since. Dan Swearingen (link to my homepage) Dan in Loco

If you have any comments, corrections, or information, please email me: dan@polyweb.com

Train Blog Running commentary and stories of construction of my version of Malcolm Furlow's San Juan Central.
Build an HOn3 Boxcar I build a LaBelle HOn3 boxcar craftsman kit.
NNGC 2004 My photo collection from the 2004 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Santa Clara, Ca.
Ark #4 Houseboat Ark number 4 built for a Museum in Tiburon, Ca.
NKP 587 Prototype Photos of Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 587.
HOn3 Modelling Photos of some of my models and my old layout.
My Advice All I Know about Model Railroading.
Links My favorite Railroad and Model Railroad resources.
Boat Pictures of a cool old boat.
Sounds Steam engine sounds in .WAV format.


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