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Updated 11/19/10

Daniel James Swearingen
Corte Madera, CA 94925


CAREER OBJECTIVE Opportunities managing teams, designing and building advanced software projects and systems.

Creative system architect and engineering manager as well as a hands-on engineer on teams up to 26 direct reports with another 75 contract reports, multiple outsourced projects and total budgets as large as $10,000,000 per year.

Specializing in Microsoft integrated solutions and systems using their latest products. Managed technical architecture, development environment, project scheduling, production deployment, product maintenance and customer support, budget management, accurate delivery estimates, coordinating deliverables with far-east production facilities, coordinating communication between internal and external customers and engineering resources, building and managing engineering teams, and handling quality issues.

I'm experienced in the design, construction, deployment, and maintenance of high volume web interface client-server applications and consumer PC-based software applications in zero-downtime tolerant environments. Projects have included research and development, product design, business model development, technical architecture requirements, production management, and customer support.

Excellent training, speaking, and written communications skills applied in environments as diverse as astronomy classes at Indiana University, training sessions for Hewlett-Packard, and the United States Marine Corps.

Advanced research skills in astronomy (with 2 publications), physics, computer science, and history of technology. Numerical modeling and applications.

Strong mechanical skills. Have tuned a car with a butter knife and a book of matches.

An exceptionally poor bowler, but a damn good sport about it.

I always wanted to be a rocket-scientist. Perhaps fortunately, NASA was winding down when I might have gone that way. I still love being part of a team building things. Anything -- one good car out of three junkers. Model planes, trains and automobiles. Kitchen tables, lawn mowers, computers. I especially enjoy designing robust solutions that integrate seemingly incompatible systems.

My fundamental "soft" skills are communication, visualization and composition. As a trainer I have always been successful at the process of communicating difficult subjects in a way that is geared to the group at hand. As a designer, I can often visualize and compose entire projects from end to end when others on the team are still seeing pieces on the table.

Computers have always been tools and toys for me. I still have my first computer, bought as a kit in 1980. It was a Sinclair ZX-81 with 2,048 bytes of memory (yes, 2K) costing $200. Since then I have always had a computer handy. I've been using the Internet since 1989, back in the bad old days when all we had was Telnet, FTP, and email.

I used to think a 1200-baud modem was fast. I LOVE where all this is going.


(a.k.a. Obligatory Resume Buzz Word Section)

Microsoft Centric: MS .NET Framework (2.0 and 3.0): C#, Windows Forms Applications, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (C#) and Web Services. WTL applications for Vista. ATL/WTL Win32 application programming. Windows Shell extensions. SQL Server 2005 and older versions. Source Safe administration. Classic (haven't done it in awhile): VB and C++/ATL COM/DCOM components. MS ASP using VBScript.

Unix/Java: PHP and MySQL on Apache (and IIS). ATG Dynamo 4.5.1 and 5.1, BEA WebLogic 6.0, Red Hat Linux, Solaris 8 on Intel and SPARC, Apache 1.3, Oracle 8i (NT, Solaris/Intel, Solaris/SPARC), J2EE (Java), and XML. Vi (no, I don't do emacs). Tools: Together Enterprise, Eclipse, JBuilder, CVS.

Technical Project Management: Certified Scrum Master - Scrum is a "lean" approach to software development - often called Agile development.Project scheduling, Budget management, Accurate delivery estimates, coordinating deliverables with far-east production or test teams, facilitating and guiding technical requirements gathering and technical decision making, coordinating communication between internal and external customers and engineering resources, building and managing engineering teams, handling quality issues, and day-to-day management of large engineering teams.

Technical Business Development: Flipping huge vendor bills into partnership, investment, and joint development opportunities. High-level discussions and presentations to ATG, BEA, Segue, Nacio, Digital Island, Intel and others.

Legacy experience: Have built systems using Vignette StoryServer 5.0, Netscape 3.0 servers using Server Side JavaScript (a.k.a. Livewire) connected to MS Access, Illustra, Informix, and Oracle database systems. Operating systems included Windows NT, Solaris, and IRIX. These systems included custom Perl and C components enhance functionality and performance.

Legacy Scientific programming: Mathematica, Fortran (77/99), C/C++ on Unix, FITSio, Perl, Postscript, LaTeX, Unix (Solaris, HP-UX and DEC Ultrix), Unix shell scripts, and VRML. Large scientific systems extensive utilities in the Pascal language. Data visualization and analysis.

Making it go: Network operations: Experienced in LAN-to-WAN, and LAN-to-Internet integration using ISDN, DSL, Cable, and T1 technologies. Cisco, Livingston, and Ascend router firewall configuration. DNS configuration. InterNIC (now Network Solutions) domain name management since the days when your NIC handle was your initials and the year you signed on: NIC handle DS1996. Web log analysis and site testing. CGI programming in Perl and C/C++. HTML coding and legacy document conversion. Skilled in image processing for the Web.


Autistry Studios (
Co-founder & Director of Studio Operations, 9/2008 - Ongoing
Pre-vocational training for teens and young adults on who are on the ASD spectrum. Duties include teaching classes, keeping all company book and systems operating: Mechanical, Electrical, Computational as well as growing this California non-profit organization.

Total Immersion Software (
Director of Development, 5/2007 - 9/2009
Leading the engineering development of the DARPA Real World project.

Vertigo Software (
Senior Software Engineer, 2005 - 2007
Provide world-class Microsoft technology professional services and project management. Primary client project has been acting as Program Manager/Dev Lead for the Windows Marketplace Digital Locker applet which has been released as an integral part of Microsoft Vista and and an installable update for Windows XP. Project is built within the Microsoft OS build process requiring extensive coordination with the Windows Shell and many (MANY) other internal Microsoft teams.

ObjectWare (now IdeaBlade)
Technology Evangelist, Principal Professional Services Consultant, March 2003 to August 2004
Providing high-level technology support during the sales and evaluation process as well as providing professional services and training on ObjectWare's IdeaBlade, a .NET application framework. Also leading .NET training at client sites, refining the documentation and feature set for the product as well as working on demonstration and training sample code. Most recent customer project was a .NET re-build of Aircraft Technical Publishing's ( ATP Navigator© specifically the Profile and Compliance application.

LeapFrog Enterprises and Ubiquity (

LeapFrog: Director of Engineering (Internet Division), March 2001 to November 2002

LeapFrog: Responsible for management of the Internet engineering group. Leading design of the Enterprise Architecture, managing the QA and Network operations groups. Hands on management of a team of 26 in-house developers and QA group as well as several outsourced engineering projects with as many as another 75 contract engineers. Managed reduction in team size to current scope while maintaining an aggressive delivery schedule and high team morale.

Built and maintained and all other Leapfrog company websites. sustains over 5,000,000 hits a day (averages 4Mbit/sec throughput), and has over 300,000 registered users. Manage email campaigns to customer base and operate the LeapFrog central customer database and reporting systems.

Managed migration of LeapFrog away from proprietary web system (ATG Dynamo) to a robust open-source based system saving LeapFrog nearly $250,000/yr in license fees.

Built and maintained all CD and Internet downloaded consumer software. Most was associated with the Mind Station hardware. The Mind Station product connects Internet-enabled toys (11 products as of 2002) to dynamic downloadable content. Designed expansion of this product into an "educational desktop" which helps users manage all the different channels of content for their toys. 350,000 units shipped and supported in Q4-2001.

Managed a turn-around on the internal engineering team and engineering processes. Hired 15 new engineers to support ongoing development. Hired a Director of Operations to manage and expand care and feeding of live the web infrastructure and QA department.

Ubiquity: Director of Internet Development, September 2000 to March 2001. (Ubiquity was a spin-off of LeapFrog and was re-absorbed by its parent in March of 2001.)

Responsible for recruiting and management of the Internet engineering group. Leading design of the Enterprise Architecture, building the QA and Network operations groups.

Designed and began building the all-Java Internet infrastructure to support over 10,000,000 users of a unique wireless hardware device using BEA WebLogic Server 5.0 and Oracle on Solaris. Also designed and built the hardware emulation system used for design validation and system testing.

BookBrowser (
Co-founder, Chief Technologist, 1995 to 2003.
BookBrowser was acquired by LLC in 2003.
Personal project done in "spare" time. Responsible for: System and network engineering, programming, and data analysis for this profitable advertiser supported fiction reader e-zine. Designed and maintained a Microsoft ASP-based batch building system which allows the site to be both data-driven and very highly scalable on modest hardware. (then MemeStreams, now RIP)
VP of Software Development (hey, it was start-up), October 1999 through June 2000.
Responsible for: recruiting and management of the software engineering group. Building the QA and Network operations groups. Acting as Lead Engineer and System Architect on a Vignette StoryServer 5.0 system with custom functionality provided by large-scale MTS/COM based third tier running on NT. Other technologies in use are Windows NT/MS IIS 4.0, SQL 7.0, ASP, VB, VC++, and MSMQ.

Developed a taxonomy driven system which classes input resources by associated metadata to automatically group related items based on user preferences.

StreetFusion - RIP
Senior Lead Engineer, December 1998 through October 1999.
Responsible for: Management of StreetFusion's team (9-15 developers) in the design and construction of their public and pay-access websites. These websites ran on Windows NT/MS IIS 4.0 data driven from SQL 7.0. Besides team lead, duties included system design, scheduling, scope negotiation, documentation review, QA planning, and day-to-day programming and design decisions.

R. R. Bowker (
Independent consulting contract Project, Q4 1998.
Built a functional prototype of a web-based application to replace the customer's paper based data collection system used for their Books In Print (BIP) product. Project involved porting an image of the entire BIP database to (4 million records) MS SQL Server 6.5 and MS Access and cross correlating it with a 500,000 entry book review database and accessing data with an ASP app using IE 4.0 clients.

SoftAd (
Senior Engineer/Technical Lead, August 1997 through December 1998.
Technical Project manager of SoftAd's team building Ford Motor Company's $20 million FOCALpt dealer intranet project. Tech Lead for Ford's Dealer Connection (vserion 1.1, now offline). Included system design, scheduling, scope negotiation, documentation review, QA planning, and day-to-day programming and design decisions.

ISL Consulting (
Team Leader Java Systems Group, Senior Engineer, 1997
Responsible for: design and implementation of project oriented intranet programming, network administration, computer systems purchasing, system administration, and network design. Designed and implemented projects for Sega-USA, Chevron Oil, J. Walter Thompson, and Montgomery Securities. Developed a very high capacity (one million messages a day) database driven subscriber email system. Final project was system design and coding of the interactive portions of the Chevron Toy Cars ( website. Winner of the 1998 Best Of The Internet for Most Innovative Site and several other awards.

PolyWeb Services (
Principal, 1995 to Present.
(My independent contracting DBA) Independent consulting specializing in web serving, web site design and construction and web related programming. Early user of VRML. site(s) are mainly a hosting location for customer projects under development and my personal web site. Also hosts several non-profit websites.

Indiana University, Bloomington
Graduate Student Astronomy and Physics Departments, Doctoral Candidate, Associate Instructor, 1991 to 1997.
M.A. in Astronomy, A.B.D. Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Majored in Astrophysics. Conducted research in high-energy astrophysics, automation of telescopes, globular cluster image analysis, cataclysmic variables, and Doppler Tomography image processing software design. Finished All But Dissertation (A.B.D.) for the Doctorate (passed all qualifying exams and coursework, dissertation chosen, committee formed, research well underway). Associate Instructor of astronomy classes at the University.

The Myriad Group
Free-lance software production support, 1994 to 1996.
Internet Guru for this San Rafael based company. Work included technical consulting, writing user manuals, beta testing, training, and production of product demos for four different clients in the S.F. Bay Area. Built beta demos for one of the first VRML authoring tools (Paragraph's Home Space Builder).

California State University Northridge
Undergraduate and Graduate Student, 1988 to 1991.
M.S. in Physics. Specialized in solar astronomy with projects in spectrahelioscope image analysis and solid-state physics calculations of crystal matrices.


A. B. D. Ph.D. Astrophysics, Indiana University, 1997.
M.A. Astronomy, Indiana University, 1997.
M.S. Physics, California State University, Northridge, 1991.
B.S. Physics, Sonoma State University, California, 1990.


Model Building: Model Trains, especially 1900-1940 era. Static model airplanes of all types. Model cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Dioramas and museum miniatures.

Reading: Physics, Math, History (Marin, California, the West, U.S., Military, Railroads), Cryptography, Mysteries.


References available upon request.

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